1. What is Saultography?

My work in visual art and related media.

2. Can I hire you?

If you like my work I’m available for art commissions throughout the year on an appointment basis. My availability is determined by the current projects I’m working on. During the year when I do portrait sessions, it’s usually to try out new techniques and ideas. Opportunities to be a part of these projects are notified via my mailing list and Facebook.

3. Is Saultography only Saul Cisneros or do you work with others?

Depending on the project I will collaborate with other photographers and professionals to bring the work to life.

4. What is the difference between Saultography and other photography studios such as JCPenny, Portrait Innovations etc. ?

Saultography is my work in Visual Art and Related Media. It is not a photo studio or photography as a service. Saultography is a showcase of my current and past work and work with my production studio, Enakrema. Patrons and fans can commission me for a project or participate in one of my projects. Join the mailing list to be notified when those opportunities arise.

5. How much does a commission cost?

Each commission is different. Small commissions can go from around 1K. Larger commissions such as an event can be from 15-30K. The project vision will determine the scope, duration and talent needed to complete the work. After our initial meeting and we have accepted the collaboration, we can quote you a price.

6. How do I commission you?

Read this page and send us an email with what you have in mind.