Do you want an end result that is different from the rest and says “you”? Do you want someone in your corner that can be a your guide, looking out for your best interests?

You’ve come to the right place! I’d like to make the entire process welcoming and easy for you! Choosing an artist to capture a special moment or occasion is very personal. You want to make sure everything happens the way you plan and that you have confidence and trust in the people around you.

With Saultography, during our first meeting, I listen to what your expectations are and how you envision the end result. Then I explain our process, introduce you to our team and show you what it means to commission us.

We accept assignments on commission. What this means is, the work between Saultography and the client is a collaborative effort. Our team will have a concept that we are looking to fulfill. You as our potential client will be briefed on our vision of this concept. We will discuss how your needs can be integrated into our vision and create a unique work of art. You’ll get a chance to see our work firsthand and meet the people who will be involved on your commission.

At the conclusion of this meeting, we will follow up the day after with our decision. If you are excited to get started, we will submit to you the payment schedule and arrangement. Once the initial payment is received, we will schedule a quick conference call to kick off the process and go over the next steps for your project!